Sunday, September 2, 2007

Broccoli, Teaching & Baby Quilt

What a week I had.

I tried to grow broccoli for the first time this summer. Since my husband and I and our golden retriever love it so much. Well it likes cooler weather, and this year we have 105 days. So I crew weird broccoli. Here is a picture of what I harvested off of 4 plants.

I had to wait for the thread to come in, so that I could finish quilting the Latte quilt. Finished it on Friday. While I waited, I worked on sewing projects with three young ladies. (8, 10 & 13). They wanted to sew something for the fair. I thought we could do potholders, but the girls wanted to make wall hangings. Each picked a different kind. The 8 year old was doing dimentional pinwheels. The 10 year old was working on a patriotic friendship star. The 13 year old was doing some fusible applique cats. We worked from 1-6 for three days. We had lots of fun, but the teacher was drained by the end of the day. We have three happy new quilters who will have wall hangings to enter in the fair.

I finally finished the binding on our new granddaughters quilt.