Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giving your dreams to God

Stressing and stewing........Every moment was thinking about this. On Sunday as I got ready for church and at church, thinking what I would do on Monday to make things work. Pastor had a word that someone in the church was wondering if their dream was their own making or from God. They did not know what to do. Trying to make things work on their own. He said that God wanted them to give it to Him. That He would make it clear to that person. That if it was His dream he gave us, He would make it happen. I knew that he was talking to me. I said "Lord I give it to you" If I am meant to have this machine, you will provide away. If not....." Every time it came to my mind, I said no I gave that to God.
Monday morning started out the same I would start to think about it and say no I gave it God. Then later in the morning, I got a message from my friend saying she could purchase my machine. She would have the money to me that day or the next. I wanted to jump up and down. I was so excited. I said can it really work that fast? I just gave it up yesterday.....well......later in the afternoon I got a call from the bank and they approved my loan. They just needed the invoice faxed to them. Asked about the terms, and it was going to be more than Gammill. Since we are a small town and the people in the bank know us.....I was wondering how to tell them I was going to go with the Gammill loan. Tuesday morning I got the contract from gammill emailed to me and then the gammill loan rep called me. I told her I was waiting to get the money from the sale of my machine then I would fill out and sign the loan contract with a check. She said that the dealer had faxed them the invoice. That is why my bank had not received it, and that was ok with me. Something to tell my bank
Then it was getting late on Tue. and still had not heard from my friend or received the money. I instant messaged her to see if we were still on. Nothing..... Trust God I said. Then Wednesday there was silence again. Thursday the same. My mom asked "Did you get the money?" I said no. She said what are you going to do. I said "Trust God". Kept putting it out of my mind. Then on Friday morning she got back to me and said she could not get the machine at this time. Wow! What now. Trust. I said to my husband "If I get enough money today, for the down payment, I would finance the whole thing with Gammill." Then a customer came to pick up quilts. She brought me other customer checks and unexpected money. I now had the down payment. So I filled out the contract. I had to trust that the money would be there to make the payments. I sent it off. I emailed a few friends to get the word out about my machine to their guild members. I placed an ad on a local site for $10.00. Then I kept debating if I should list it on a longarm site that you pay $35.00 for 4 months to advertise your machine for sale. I finally decided too do it. I advertised it for the price I originally wanted to sell it for. Then I kept putting it out of my mind. Saturday morning I received 2 emails of ladies interested in my machine. The 2nd lady came up and drove it and we discussed it and she said yes. She gave me a down payment and will give me the rest this week. I can still quilt on it til my new machine gets here
So it was a roller coaster ride of trust. But in the end, the machine is going to a great lady. I got the price I originally wanted, which was more than with my friend. I a wonderful story to encourage others. I even contacted the longarm site that I listed my machine on and she had not posted it yet, or charged my credit card. Another win!

New Longarm

I have been dreaming of a new longarm for years. My Gammill is wonderful and has given me many years of great work, but it does not have a stitch regulator. Just last month I got serious on my search. One lady was kind enough to let me come drive her Gammill Vision. She told me about her dealer. So I contacted her dealer via email. It turned out he had a 3-1/2 year old gammill for sale. Great price and he delivers. Yes. So off to get the financing. Applied with Gammill. Got approved that day, but the payments were kinda scary. Thought I would try my bank also. Then a friend said she wanted to buy my machine. Now she had to wait for her financing. Yes this would be great down payment on my machine. I gave her a better deal on the machine then I would have liked to sell it for. It would help her and help me. So a week went by and nothing happened. Then another week. I wanted to get this settled. Then she informed me that she would not be able to purchase my machine. So I would not be able to use the new quote I got from Gammill that made the payments less, because of the amount down from the sale.

So trying my bank again. If anyone has dealt with Chase, you know that there is always problems. So it was one thing after the other. Looked like Chase would be a no. They wanted me to get my dealer to send them the invoice for the machine to keep working on it. So on Friday I left a message for the dealer to send the invoice to my bank and gave the number. I kept stewing on all of this and wondering what I could do to make all of this work.