Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blue Star Banner

Well this week I did some quilting, but mainly got all my stuff ready for the fair.

I made six of these Blue Star Banners. You can read the history of them at . They are for immediate family members to have in their window when they have a military member in harms way when we are at war. My niece's husband just left to go over there, so one is for her and one is for my sister. Then our middle son is over there, so one is for us and one is for our daughter-in-law. One is for my friend Teresa, who's son is over there also.

I did not tell my friend about it, I entered hers into the fair with a information sheet that will be posted on the wall next to it. It tells about the banner and then at the bottom tells who it was made for. So I only told her that when she goes there to look at the quilts and read all the facts about them. I hope she will like it.

The ones I made are quilted ones and the pattern is at

Yesterday, I spent the day at the fair grounds entering mine and my husbands things, and taking in others entries. I am the department head of the Knitting, Crochet, and Lace Department. It gets your juices going to see all the things they bring in. Spend time visiting with those who I only see at fair time.

Usually today I would be there already, handing items to the judges and putting the ribbons on. But, the judge came late last night, so I got to stay home a little longer. My friend Alex and I will be out today putting the ribbons on, and decorating and laying out our area, then hanging the quilts tonight, with my quilt guild.

I love fair time.