Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our New Fur Baby

In January we decided we wanted to get a new fur baby to keep me company at home. I searched on line for a local breeder. We love golden retrievers. Here is the first picture I was emailed of him. It is from December.

Then we went to see him. Every Friday we would received new pictures of him via email. It was a 2 hour drive to where they were, so we did not go up alot. They had parents visitation on Sundays, we did go one Sunday and he was growing so much.
We finally got to bring him home on Sunday February 4th. This a picture of him his first week here. He is such a good boy. We call him Jack. His full name is Prince Jack Daniels of the Palouse.

Tatting this month

A friend of mine asked me to tat something for an auction. This is a fund raiser for her Relay For Life team. Since my friend sells PartyLite candles, I thought this beaded tea candle holder would be great. The pattern is one of Bina's designs at I did not use as many beads as Bina did. Katie loved it.

I have some friends that I get together with to pray, one day a week. Being valentines week, I decided to make a heart for the leader. The heart is a pattern by Teri Dusenbury, called Sarah's Heart. The Angel is one of Teri's pattern, also.

Then I added the praying angel in the center with beads and a crystal. I attached a piece of clear thread to hang it from.

Here is my attempt at Riet's Two Daisy Picot Heart. Boy was this technique a challenge for me. I had to try and cut many many times before I finally got it. (I think) I decided, that I did not want to cut and tie where it said and then start the second daisy. I just continued on around. I put paper clips where the daisy joins would be and then connected as I made the daisy.