Monday, October 19, 2009

Quilt Ribbon

Sorry I have not posted for awhile. My quilting has kept me very busy. I have also been pondering a decision about my business. I have had my mother, husband, peers and others telling me that my pricing is too too low. For me this is a hard thing. Then one of my own customers/friend told me I need to. So after much researching on her part, I have done it.

Well on the fun part. My friend Sharon Ledbetter entered one of her quilts in the Washington State Quilters, big quilt show. This morning she showed up wearing to big ribbons on her chest. One for her and one for me. The ribbon is for first in class. She was just beaming. I am too. She said to my husband, as she drove away "Now she can raise her prices" Does anyone else struggle with raising your prices?

I don't know if you remember this quilt, but here is the winning quilt. My friend took a picture of me standing by it. They did not put the ribbons on till Sunday, but being married to a photographer, any thing is possible. He took a picture of it on the ribbon on the green screen, and I was able to put it onto the picture of me and the quilt. You can see closer pictures of the quilting on my webshots.

Last weekend was very busy because of my business and my husbands. His name is getting out their for portraits and we went out into the country to take senior portraits of one of my husbands classmates son.