Friday, October 7, 2011

Annual Mutt Strutt

They have an annual Mutt Strutt in Pullman. The had photos, costume and look-a-like contests.  They had a form of musical chairs.  There were lots of vendors.  So many different dogs to see.  It was fun, but oh soooooooo hot.  Unfortunately the canopy's they set up for us, kept people from coming in.  It was too stuffy in them, plus it was too small of an area too keep the dogs from getting into little tiffs.

I was able to get a few things sewn for sale.  I sold a few of the kleenex covers and bandanna's.  I made three different sizes of the bandanas.  They slip onto the collar so they are easy to change.  Some  of the smallest, were sold to people for their cats.  I put the smallest ones on my Maltese, the medium on my Morkie and the large on my golden.  With this nippy weather, my dogs are already wearing their cloths.

Here are a couple of pictures of the collars and bandanna's.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tatting this month

On the trip to Minnesota, I brought my tatting along.  I had Ruth Perry's Celtic Cross but had never made it.  I decided to make one for my aunt.  She loved it and then asked me to make one for her sister.  So I did and got hooked on the pattern.  I have been tatting them up like crazy.  Here are some pictures of some of them.  I used Yarnplayer's HDT for all but the teal one. 

Speaking of Yarnplayer's HDT......I saw her profile picture and loved the colors.  Being a WSU fan and having a d-i-l there, I always look for these colors.  I asked Marilee about it and she died some new thread in Crimson and grey.  I can't wait till my order gets here.  Go Cougs!  To purchase her threads, go to 

Here is some other tatting I have been working on.  I am tatting up seahorse bookmarks for an upcoming event.  The pattern is by Jane Eberall.  Here site is

Fun 3d card

After I got home from MN, I found this fun card tutorial at  I thought it would be perfect as a thank you for my Aunt & Uncle.  I used pictures from the reunion. 

I made it larger then the instructions.  I added a little pocket under the cake picture that I slipped in my thank you message and added a tassel on it.  1st picture is the inside.  2nd picture is the outside.

Busy Summer

Well I had a busy summer.  I caravaned with my children, grandson, parents and my brother and his kids, to MN.  We had our first Henderson family reunion.  It was a blast.  The only down side to going back there is that now I miss every one.  On the way there, my 15 month old grandson did good.  On the way back he was not too thrilled to be in the car.  We drove straight through both ways.

We went to Como park zoo.  It was my grandson's first trip to the zoo.  Still to young to fully enjoy it, but it was fun. 
The next day we went to the caves in Wisconsin.  That was a great day, also. 
One night was White Castle night. 

The last night we had a fun game of spoons.  Only a little blood was shed. 
We spent 2 days at the Minnesota State fair, and only saw about a third of it.  This is a picture looking down the street in the fairgrounds.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Piney Woods Tatter: October Give Away Event

The Piney Woods Tatter: October Give Away Event: The October Give Away Event Goodies Are: Up for grabs this time are: 6 balls of Majestic size 80 tatting cotton in color #s 830, 831, 833,...