Monday, June 1, 2009

Better, Bored and Tatting

Well it has been 4 weeks today since my back surgery. Getting better each day. Last weeks MRI showed some scaring might be causing the problem. I go to see the surgeon tomorrow.

I am getting kind of antsy. I am tired of not being able to do much of anything. I have not quilted for 4 weeks, and don't know yet when they will let me start again.

I have been tatting and knitting. Here is a picture of what tatting I have been working on. I am tatting the angels to give to the nurses who took care of me at the hospital. They were so sweet and caring. I made one of Ruth's new butterflies, but could not do the special stitch on the wing. Another Teapot from Martha's book. Jon's new Mother's day Heart (had trouble with the picots. Also, I tatted Wally's Butterfly.

I finally made all my Thank you cards. These I am giving to the ladies who brought food for my hubby and I after my surgery. Also, for those who sent flowers. In the days of recycling, I have made a matching little strip of paper, with one of the tiles on top. This is what I wrote my message to them on and then stuck in the card. (The pink color you see is just a piece of paper I put behind the slip and card to make the slip show). I did not write on the envelope and so told them that this was so they could use the card to send to someone else. They loved the idea. The artwork that I use to make the teabag folding cards is from Ruby Burns I have purchased several of her sets and love making cards from them.