Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Super Vest

My daughter has a yorkie. When it gets cold, he is cold all the time. When it is hot, he is miserable. I make him little vests with fleece on the inside and cotton on top, for the winter. Well I decided to make him one for cooling. I only used cotton, and then added pellets inside. I figured if it worked to make neck coolers for us, it would work in his vest. You soak the vest in water for a few moments and the pellets expand. I used superman fabric and put a little red cape on in.

Did not have him here to model it. I put it on my cat. I don't think she was very happy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby's and weddings

Well a busy couple of weeks, was had.

Last week my fourth grandchild was born. A girl. So now we have two of each. Here is our little Rileigh.

I also became a great Aunt again this week. Wow.

Last week I also finished up physical therapy. Went for a followup with the surgeon and he said I am doing fine and don't need to go back to see him. Was told to keep up those exercises to keep improving. I still have inflammation across my lower back and they said this will take probably 6 months to heal. Appears that my line of business slows down my healing. I find that I can't quilt for long periods of time yet. I get kind of frustrated.

This week it was more wedding preparations. My daughter loves frogs, so when my husband saw these bobble head frogs he had to get them. He painted them in colors that would go with their decorations and made a top hat for the groom one. I then made a little tiara and veil for the bride. I even gave her belly button bling.

My daughter does not like anything girly, and has made comments about things I have made for her cousins, sister-in-laws, and sisters wedding, so I was not sure about some things. But since she loved the garters I decided to make her wedding hanky anyway. I did not make it frilly. I tea dyed it so it would not be white and then crochet the edging in a thread that was colored like camo fabric. I then made her card with colors to match. I was worried, but she loved it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Preperations

Well I have not been blogging for awhile. Busy, Busy!

Our youngest daughter is getting married in August. They have been together for 7 years, and we thought this would never happen. But they announced their engagement, and then we had 6 weeks to plan it all.

First thing we did was go looking for her dress. Both of our men figured we would come back bald and one of us dead. We don't tend to agree on much. It was a miracle. First dress at first store. It is beautiful. We did not buy it then and there, as she decided to try on a few more. She then found another she liked also. So they took pictures of her in both and emailed them to me. She wanted to find out what my husband thought before we purchased it. Her and I were leaning towards the first one. My hubby picked the first one also. One thing down.

Now I have been making a few things for the wedding. It is going to be simple and outdoor. They like the camo stuff, so I have added that into things I have made.

Here is a picture of garters I have made. One to keep and one to through. I have also made luminaries that will go on the tables. They are also into motorcycles and Chinese symbols. This one is the symbol for love.