Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lavender and Quilting

Well, of course, I have been quilting. It has slowed down some, so I have been able to play a little.

A friend was looking at my lavender, and told me about lavender wands she had made. I had never heard of that, but as soon as she left, I looked it up on the Internet. I tried to make one, and failed. I gave up for about a week. Tried again one night while watching a movie. Nope. The next day I sat on my porch with a bunch of lavender and tried again. Here is a picture of my success. The white one is the first I made. Then each one in the row.

On Monday I rode with my husband all day. He drives truck. On Tuesday afternoon, I finally got together with a friend to do some fabric coloring. I have been intrigued with Irean Blums quilts, and had purchased her book and kit. My friend purchased a kit also. I have been waiting to have some time to work on it. The kit comes with a 11x11 piece of quilted fabric. I decided I did not want to practice on that one, so I embroidered out a couple of different designs to work with. One is a Holice Turnbow design. The other is from some clip art I purchased from It is a butterfly and flower. I digitized it in my Bernina embroidery software and then embroidered it out. We had lots of fun, but my friend exceeds at it. You should see how hers turned out. But she is an art major. Here is a before and after of the one I did.

I was able to get only 15 of the crosses done for the young lady going to Africa. She left on Tuesday. She was happy to get them.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Week and Weekend

I need to get organized!!

Quilting: Quilted 6 customer quilts and 1 QOV quilt that I pieced

Here is a picture of one of the QOV quilts I have finished, except the binding. I still need to sew the bind to the back. I love this pattern and will be teaching a group of women at our church so we can make many. The pattern is by Alycia at I have another done in blue, beige and green. Still need to quilt that one.

Tatting: I completed another wedding hanky. This was for a young women that I had worked with. I was still sewing the tatting onto the hanky as we drove to the church. Did not plan that well. So no pictures.
I also played around with a edging pattern that is called Entwined Hearts Edging. It is by Barbara Hevener. It is a pattern that is being used for the 2008 Tat-off at Palmetto. Here is a picture of what my attempt looks like.

I have also been working on the crosses for a young lady who is going on a missions trip to Africa. I looked up the country and found that their flags are Black, Red and Yellow. So I am trying to get as many of them done as I can before she leaves in 2 weeks.