Friday, February 15, 2008

Doctors, Quilting & Tatting

Well I started Valentines day off by going to the doctors. Now broken out in hives. Great! Since my back is still not better and it has been 3 months, he referred me to a spine specialist. So I go see him in March.

Valentines day got better when I got home. There was a beautifull purple flowering plant from my hubby and a wonderful card.

Was able to quilt more this week. I quilted 4 quilts and 4 pillow shams.

I did more test tatting this week. I also tatted up another one of Jane's patterns. This frog is for my daughter. Being valentines week, I also tatted a heart from a pattern I had been wanting to tat for a long time. It is by Sue Fuller.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tatting and Cards

Well I am still dealing with back pain, so I have alot of down time. I have been occupying my time by test tatting for one of the Tatting Artists. Can't show those pictures, but here is a bookmark I made for my daughter-in-law for valentines.

I have also been quilting customers quilts when the pain allows.

I also had a friend in OR who saw the Hanky Card I did for my d-i-l. She loved it and was making a couple of wedding hankys. She asked me if you could purchase the cards from me. So I embroidered two cards for her and put them in the mail. Here is a picture of one of her cards.