Friday, January 29, 2010

It has been awhile

Well, I have not posted for a long time. I have had a lot going on. First I was in the middle of getting customer's Christmas quilts done. During this time we also got a new fur baby. Well really it is hair. She isa maltese and just sweet as can be. She is 3 pounds as of her last check up. It has been interesting to learn how to train and take care of a small dog. Our golden is a lot easier. Her and Jack (our golden) love each other. We have had to teach him to be gentle with her. Here is a picture of her sleeping on Jack.

Was also busy going back and forth to Pullman to see my father-in-law who was in a nursing home. We unfortunatly lost him this month, due to the person who had the power-of-attorney. It has been a struggle to deal with, but we are getting there. Be careful who you give a power-of-attorney too. If you are too much work or costing too much, they can let you die and no one can do a thing about it.

Then on a good note, I was able to spend time with our middle son Dom and his wife and our two month old twin granddaughters. We were also able to spend time with our oldest and her youngest.

We are praying that February will be a much nicer month, around here.

Easy Dinner Planning

I have not been inspired to cook for some time now. Then I found this website on Dave Ramsey's site. I previewed some of the menu options and since it was so inexpensive, decided to give it a try. We have been doing it for a few weeks now and love it. I am cooking again. We are using the Menu for 2 plan, but there are plans for family and low fat. Just thought I would share something that is making it easier for me.