Friday, April 11, 2008

Etsy Store

Well I decided to start a Etsy Store. It is a place where you can sell patterns and handmade items. I only have one thing listed, so far.

I few years ago, I had told my husband that I wanted a small bird house that could go into my house plants. He did some drawings and then made me a bird house. I loved it. I took his drawings, and did up the pattern. We then made several of the birdhouses in different colors and glued little mushroom birds on them. I sold them at craft fairs and to a local florist. They were a big hit.

I had printed up many copies of the pattern, but never did anything with them. I decided to try selling them on Etsy. We shall see how it goes.

2nd WS Sampler Quilt & Four Legged Grandchild

Well this week, I finished quilting the 2nd WS Sampler Quilt. This one belongs to Jill. It was a big hit at quilt guild on Wed. The quilt was too big for hubby to hold it, so that you could see the whole quilt.

Some fabric was given to the guild. We were each able to choose the fabrics we wanted. We are to make a charity quilt, and then do what ever we want with the rest. There were even some fur fabrics, so now I will attempt to make miniature fabric bears.........when life slows down. I have 43 quilts on my list and more coming each day.

Here is a picture of my 4 legged grandson. His mom has him very spoiled. He gets all excited to come and see me. One day my daughter came over with him to see me. I was not home. She said that he was upset that I was not there. When she took him home, he pouted for the rest of the night. This is a picture at my place. Daughter was using the computer for a job search. Dicoti got tired of his mom not holding him. He kept whining, so I put him in the hood of her sweatshirt. He is so cute.