Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trusting in Him and to sell or not sell

My business did better last year, then the year before. Not by much, but it must have put us in a higher tax bracket. I don't understand how that can be as my husbands company gave all the employees pay cuts. My business did better than 2009, because that year I had back surgery and did not quilt as much. But 2009, my husband did not have his pay cut. I don't understand it. But what it boiled down to was that I owed 900.00 to the IRS and I have been paying $300.00 quarterly to them to not have to owe. Now my account says I have to pay $500 quarterly. So I started to panic. I have enough trouble trying to pay the $300 quarterly let alone $500. And 900?.......

So I think great, how do we come up with the money. We still have not sold the puppies, so if we could sell them, that would help. But, I have become use to having them around. I have lots of work, so I am working away. I keep reminding myself I have to trust the Lord. He will provide. But but but..... Trust. I even tell my son that. So we go on. Waiting for the customer checks to come in. We get till the 18th now. Yahoo. Will it be enough? Trust. By Monday morning we get enough customer checks in plus money out of savings to send off the IRS payment. But wait........I have to write another check for taxes to Idaho. Not enough there. Got to get it in the mail anyways. Still left with needing money for the $500 quarterly check that is do at the same time, plus regular monthly bills, plus need to pay the quarterly sales tax for my business. Trust. Received an email "can we come see the puppies". Yes. In the last couple of days we have received 3 emails about the puppies, but they want to pay 200 for them and we have spent way more than that on the process. So we have had to tell them no, and why. Well the email to come see them was from one of them that is now willing to pay what we were asking. Then 2 customers come pick up their quilts. I know have enough to cover the checks that went into the mail today. God is good!

So, yesterday the couple came and looked at the puppies. I have been afraid of the day someone would buy Caddy. He is the cutist and everyone is drawn to him. But my Bently is quieter and the little one and comes running to me when he gets hurt for loves. It has been so long with no interest, that I just became use to the fact that we had two more dogs in the house. We got a call from someone else and they are coming for the other one today. I was surprised in the interest in the last couple of days. Well the lady fell in love with Bently. They will be taking him home on Monday. Out in the mail, I received 2 more large checks from customers. The money is coming in. Thank you, God!
I was fine for an hour after they left, busy with the grandson. Then started having panic attacks. Someone is coming to look at Caddy today. Will more than likely purchase him. So I awoke at 3:30 this morning and could not get it off my mind to go back to sleep. I finally had to give up as I got upset and went to try and sleep cuddled with their momma. Which only lasts for a few minuets as girl dogs are very independent. Am I wrong to sell Caddy? Having 4 dogs in the house has been way too much. Especially trying to house break two of them. But, three might be fine. MerSadies loves to wrestle with Caddy and they are always playing together.I was upset for a few days after the little girl left at 8 weeks....I have had the boys 11. I delivered these guys and have grown to love them. Will I regret it? Or will I be OK? The money is coming in from my business. Should I tell this other person, who has not seen them, that I have changed my mined. Or is this all God's provision.

MerSadies and her boys sleeping, today.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vests, leashes, baths and the boys.

It was another busy week. On Sunday we decided to take the boys and their momma for a walk. Their collars don't fit yet, so I made these matching vests and leashes. We had a nice little walk.

Today the boys had their first baths. Neither was very happy. But, after blow drying, combing and treats. They were ready for a round of play with momma and each other.

Tomorrow they turn 9 months and here is their picture.