Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some Stuff

Well hubby has been on vacation this last week, so I did not get too much quilting done.

Last night I finished the Beaded Candle holder I was working on. I sure wish the camera would show how pretty the beads are. They are iridescent and show different shades of color.

I also made a couple of these Aero Pacs. One is for my mother and the other...... Just have to wait and see which one my mom wants. They are great. The back side has 2 vinyl pockets for your ticket and your passport. The front has two pockets for other things. It just hangs around your neck. I found the pattern at They have a lot of wonderful patterns. This one is a free one, but there are several bag patterns I want to buy.

Here is a picture of a customer's quilt I quilted this week.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taking It Easy

Well it has been so busy, that I have had to take a break. I am working on the Beaded Tea Candle Holder by Sabina Carden-Madden at I have a little boo boo in it that I need to fix. I did not do any quilting in the last few days. Start that again today. Started reading and interesting book called "The Truth About Beauty" Transform your looks and your life from the inside out. It is very interesting and makes sense, so far. If you want to read more about it go to
The weekend before last, we had to drive to a family wedding 3 hours away. My husband was the photographer so we were quite busy. Had lots of fun at the wedding and lots of dancing. Next morning we had a large family breakfast at the lodge we were staying at.

Congratulations Lisa and Justin!

Last Saturday we went to they Fairchild Airforce Base "SkyFest". That was great. We got to see the Blue angels perform. I also got to sit on this Sheriffs Bike. My brother new him, so my s-i-l said "She wants to know if she can sit on your bike" He said sure. N I C E!

On Sunday we had another long drive to see our grand babies. They were in Sandpoint for a wedding at their family lake place. Here is a picture of hubbie with our grandsons and our granddaughter with her first birthday cake. We had a birthday party for the 1 year old and 3 year old.


Here is a video about one of my favorite treats. They don't cause me to gain weight, they give me energy and vitamins and they have chocolate flavored ones. We also have kids vitamin pops. It is a fun way to get them to take their vitamins.

To order or read more about it, go to