Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Found a Painted Turtle

So I was coming home from water aerobics tonight. I saws something in the road on main street. As I went over it, I noticed it was a turtle. Not a good place for a turtle to be running around on a hwy. So I turned around and just stopped a car from hitting it. I picked it up and brought it home to show my little grandson. The picture does not do justice for how beautiful the orange markings are. His shell is 7½" long and 6" wide

So I did a search on the Internet to find out about the turtle. It is a Eastern Painted Turtle. Reading about it, it seems likely that this is a female. Hopefully today we can get her someplace she will stay and not cross the street again.   http://wildlifeofct.com/eastern%20painted%20turtle.html
 This morning we took here way out to a creek.  Soon as she heard the water she started flailing around to get to it.  She ran through the grass and dove into the water.  Never saw her again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pet Corrector

Have to tell you about this new product that I just love.

It is called the Pet Corrector.  With 4 small dogs in the house, the noise can be stressful.  They want to bark at every noise or car outside.  When we come to the house or my husband gets home from work, it is horrible.  I also have been embarrassed with the noise when a customer comes over.  A friend who does not have a dog....sent me an advertisement about this product.  So I looked online to see where I could purchase it.

I purchased my first can at Petco.  The salesman tried to talk me out of it.  He said it would be best if I bought a shock collar.  That this stuff would not work.  I thanked him and purchased it anyways.  I got a immediate good response from my dogs when I got home.  It just makes a hissing sound.  No smell or anything.  They don't like it.  Unfortunately, my little morkie (who is not one of the noise makers) shakes and hides when I have to use it because of the others.  I shortly used up the can getting them trained with it.  Then I only had to show the can for the most part.  Then my daughters female Yorkie came to live with us also and she is the biggest mouth.  Barks a lot.  She got everyone started again.

I did not want to pay $14.99 for a can again, so started pricing them on line.  I found a place that I got 3 for $22.00.  I could not wait for them to get here.  Had to wait a month.

They showed up yesterday.  Great response from the dogs again.  Still having some trouble with my daughter's female Yorkie, but much improvement.  I take the can with me when I leave the house.  When I start to open the door and they are barking, I tell them to stop and if not hit the spray.  My husband was able to come home to a much quieter house as only my daughter's dog was still making noise, but quieter.

This morning I will be able to test it out when a new customer shows up today.

More Jewelry

My sister has been quite the salesman for me.  Wearing the necklace I made her has brought me more orders.  Here are a couple I made.

My friend who is in charge of Quilts of Valor in this area, just finished a big fund raiser.  She is also in charge of the fun run in her area in a week.  The money from that will raise money for QOV.  I found this picture of an eagle on the net and made a necklace, thinking of her.  She love it.

Crazy Times

Well I have not posted for some time.  Things have been a little hectic here.  At the end of January, my daughter moved in with our then 20 month old grandson and her Yorkies.  She also had to  bring everything she owned.  Make our house quite crowded.  But we were happy to help.  Routines had to be changed.  I had to learn to cook earlier at night.  I now have 4 small dogs, our 100 pound golden, our cat and our grandson underfoot.  I was watching my grandson while my daughter was at work and trying to keep my business going.

I got behind and it was apparent that some changes needed to be made.  Between the stress with my business, the animals and the crap going on, I was going to explode.  So we put my grandson into daycare.  I get him off to daycare in the morning and his mom picks him up on her way home from work.  This has worked better. 

Things are finally settling down and a routine is in place.