Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charity Work

I like to help out with some of the charity projects around here. Relay for Life & Quilts of Valor. We have a new one in town. No Longer Orphans. It was started by a couple in our church, after they adopted their daughter. You can read their story and see what they are doing to help others adopt at http://nolongerorphans.blogspot.com/ They just helped their first couple reach their goal to bring their kids home.

On Saturday, February 12th, they teamed up with our youth group. Our youth group has a team going on a mission's trip to Swaziland. They had a wonderful Valentines Banquet and auction. So many wonderful people donated items for both the silent and live auction. It was a wonderful time, good food and great entertainment by the youth. I made a lap quilt for the auction. Here is some pictures. It was hinted by the men that they would like to see a man quilt up for auction next year.

They made an amazing amount of money between the auction items and the tickets to the event. At the end of the night, they announced their next couple. Here is their website. http://warwickadoption.com/ If you would like to help, you can go to either of these sites. You can also "like" No Longer Orphans on facebook. You can see when they have an upcoming event and attend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Some of the tatting I have done in the last month.

The ball was for a women's Christmas ball exchange and dinner. Pattern is by Nancy Tracy at http://www.be-stitched.com/. Because I did not like how far it hung down on the ball, I added a tight row of beads at the top to make it smaller. I also used a couple of dots of glue to hold it in place. I added a chain of beads on the inside with a cross dangling down. It was a big hit, and I left there with a order for 2 more. This was my first time to make one of these.
The orange and black crosses are from a pattern by Patti Duff. We had some Chaplains coming through town on their Harley's. Members of our church set up a BBQ for them and I decided to make the crosses. I am not a orange person, so had no orange tatting thread. Being a quilter and machine embroiderer, I took several different spools of thread and wound my shuttle. I ended up having one left over. When a friends husband died, I gave it to her in a book that is being passed around. They rode Harley's and she even put his ashes in a Harley Cookie Jar. It was perfect. Love this pattern and make it all the time. I make them for my dad to hand out to patients in the hospital where he is the head Chaplain. I don't know how many hundreds I have made.
I made these two necklaces from Marliee's new book "Up and Tat 'Em". They were made as Christmas gifts for my two daughter-in-laws. One of them is a graduate in Nuclear Science working on her PHD. So of course I had to tat her the Atom. I did it in her school colors. My other daughter-in-law is the mother of our twin granddaughters. She is a beautiful young women. Her smile lights up the room. She likes it simple and fun. So I made her "Belle" I used one of Marlee's hand died threads.
I decided again to use the cross bookmark, for a Relay for Life Fundraiser. I made these Postcards to raise money for our hospital team. I used Marlee's Peace Rose thread. Made up this card with a picture of the Peace Rose. On the back it had a place for TO: From: and blank lines for a message. They went like hotcakes.
Here is a different cross I made, using the Peace Rose hdt.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


When we first decided to get a small dog, my daughter wanted us to get a yorkie to breed with her male yorkie. We started looking around on the internet, and I found Maltese. I read that they were a much sturdier dog. Since we have a golden retriever that is almost 100 pounds, we thought the maltese might be better. I also had seen one many years ago and wanted one, but did not know what they were. I decided to see if people cross bred them and what they looked like. Hence I found Morkies. So cute. We decided that was the route we would go. So as you have read before we got a maltese and named her MerSadies. After she was 1 and went into heat again, we bred her to my daughter's yorkie. Follows the story.

It was a scary time for me. I was not sure I wanted to. I had read so many horror stories and complications with small dogs. Read everything I could get my hands on and talked with local breeders. I stud my golden out to a golden breeder in town. That is the easy part. Having the female is not. I constantly worried about my baby. I knew that she was due on the 8th of February. I started feeding her differently following all the instructions. I had heard it was good to have an xray done to make sure that the puppies weren't too big for her to deliver. C-sections so common with small dogs. My vet did not have the equipment, so we had to find a different one to do it. Out of town. They usually only do them on the 55th day, but I was going to be in town that Sat (53 days) and they said they would go ahead and do it. So we took her in and they examined her and said she looked great and healthy. The xray showed 3 puppies and not to big. They gave us a cd with the xrays, so we could show everyone, like expecting parents. Which I did on facebook.

That was Sat Jan 29th. Then on Tue Feb 1st, I had a feeling we were in for puppies. MerSadies was restless and kept needing to go outside. She was very clingy and got upset when dad left for work. She was not eating much and threw up. All day was hectic. I told called my husband at work and said I believe she is in labor. I told him I needed him to get home so he could help out.

My daughter kept calling to discuss the price of the puppies because she had someone who wanted a female. I told her now was not a good time. Let me get through the delivery and we will talk. Seems the person wanting to buy the puppy (I know her), was asking her son if he had ever heard of Morkies. She was researching puppies on the Internet and had decided that was the kind of puppy she wanted. Her son was talking with my son-in-law and said that we had a litter on the way. She could not believe it and grabbed the phone and told my son-in-law that she wanted a female out of the litter. She would pay right now. How weird is that, that the day we are in labor with them, she starts talking about them.

She had not had them by the time we were going to bed so we put the whelping box in our closet and put her in it and went to bed. She kept waking me up, so I moved her and me to the living room. Put her whelping box next to the couch and lay down. I knew we were there was she yelped. I checked and sure enough one was crowning. Then she jumped out of her box and got into bed with my golden retriever. I don't think so!!! I put her back in her box. She jumped out and went to her bed. The baby started coming out. I thought....,..I am not moving her again, it can be washed. Out it came in the sack and she started licking at it and then tried to bury it. She had no clue what was going on. I read up on this and moved in. I opened the sack. Took the sucky thing and suctioned out the nose and mouth. Did all the things the vet showed me to do. Got it cleaned up and cut the cord. I got the whelping box over to the heat lamp and tried to get MerSadies to nurse. She was freaked out and would not calm down. She kept trying to get away from the puppy. So I got my husband up and he tried to calm her down, but baby number 2 was on its way. Again she would not have anything to do with it. Left it when she dropped it. So my husband took care of her and the first one while I did everything to number 2. After cleaning that one up I knew that he was a boy and the first one was a girl. Hubby got her settled down and she started nursing the first one. He went back to bed. Then baby 3 was on its way. She jumped out of the box again and over to a pile of towels and squatted. But then the first two started squeaking and she ran back to the box. Then out to push and then squeaking and back to the box. So I worked at trying to keep the puppies quiet while she was pushing on the towels. Baby three made an appearance and I saw her chewing and munching so thought she finally was doing it her self. So I concentrated on keeping the other 2 quiet. After a time, I checked on her and she was doing nothing. Baby still in sack. She was done. So I went about getting him out and suctioned and cleaned. I cut the cord and she came over and took him to the others. I did not see the placenta/afterbirth on this one so was worried. I stayed up awhile and then went to sleep on the couch. When I woke, everyone looked good. I called the vet and she told me what to look for and what to feed her. I worried about it. Plus, they were 6 days early. She had two huge lumps down by her hooha. I thought maybe this was everything slid down there. Then I got real sick with cold/sinus thing going around and spent several days in bed. The vet came over on the following Monday and checked everyone out. Removed dew claws. Seems that it was MerSadies milk glands on her bottom two teats that were swollen and causing the long weird lumps. But everyone got a perfect from the vet. I started hot compresses on the lumps and massaging them. Made sure to put the puppies on those teats. They went away in a day. Yeah. Now I felt better. What an experience. Took pictures to our annual church dinner and business meeting. Showed off my 1 week old puppies like a new mommy.

The female was sold before she was even born. Her new mommy comes over weekly for visitation till she is 8 weeks and can go home. I sent her pictures after she was born and she was in love. Since mommy is MerSadies and daddy is Ducati (which is a motorcycle), we named them Porcha, Bently & Caddy. The female (Porcha), has been renamed Harley by her owner. All are doing great. Harley & Caddy (1st born and last) started out at 6½oz. or now 1 pound. Bently started out at 5½ and is now 14oz. Caddy's eyes are starting to open today. We can see one corner. Love it. They are trying to stand on all 4 and walk. In another week, we will be having to move them to the swimming pool. When they can get out of that, we will move them to the pack-n-play. Have not had and calls about the boys. I don't care either way. Would be nice to sell them, but also will have a hard time parting with them.

Now it is just taking care of them and mom. Mom does not have he best hair. Could not take her to the groomer while she was pregnant thought it would cause too much stress. Since delivery, she has become quite matted. I have been working on it, a little at a time. Took the scissors to her myself . Just chop chop chop. She does not look the best, but I am getting rid of the mats and getting her combed out a little each day. She is starting to look better. It is cooler for her with her hair whacked off. The heat lamp was causing her to pant all the time. Next week we will be able to turn the lamp off. Yeah, as it lights up the house and filters into our room. I like a dark room, but we have french doors to our bedroom.

Mexican Cruise

In Sept, my parents took us on a Mexican cruise. We had a wonderful time. We celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary. My parents, grandmother, cousin, sister and her hubby and my hubby. Got a tan and felt good. My 90 year old grandmother (Nana) went parasailing with my cousin. We went sea kayaking. I got sea sick on the small boat ride to the island. I was fine while were kayaking, but when we had to stop and wait for a couple that had turned over, I started feeling sick again. Was not looking forward to the boat right back to the ship.

We went to a couple of small family run tequila farms. Learned all about the process and had lots of tasty samples. Every night at dinner, we had wonderful food and entertainment. The waiters and matradee danced and sang for us. I tried new things. Had escargot & calamari.

At the end of the cruise, my hubby flew home and I drove with my cousin to her house to visit with her hubby and my great aunts. Then I drove with my parents back to their home in AZ for a week. While there, helped my mom get some projects done, visited with my Nana and got to sing with my dad at the Friday night sings. Got lots of tatted crosses done during the trip for my dad. He is the head pastor at the hospital down there. He gives them to patients. I was able to go to water aerobic classes with my mother. My mother and grandmother love to go to the casinos. So on the way from CA to AZ we stopped at a couple. On the day I was going home, my flight was several hours after my dads flight to MN. He was going their to preform one of my cousins wedding. So we dropped him off and then mom & nana took me to the casino. We had fun.

Oregon Coast

We made the trip to the Oregon coast that we have been wanting to do for years. We first went to Vancouver for our nephews wedding. We took are little Maltese on the trip with us. Made reservations at pet friendly hotels for our trip. It was fun and she was a conversation starter. We had her in a little summer dress for the wedding.

After the wedding reception, we drove to Salem to my sister's house. My parents and grandmother were already there. We got to go with them to their church and meet some of their friends. We had a nice time.

We went to the Tallamook factory. Here is MerSadies and I enjoying an ice cream.

Then on Monday we left for the coast. Boy did we enjoy ourselves. We are goonie fans and so our first plan was to find goonie things. We found out that since they had just celebrated their 25th anniversary, that the paper had done a hole insert on them. We went to the newspaper and purchased a copy. Then got a map of all the places from the movie. Started going to them.
At the jail, we ran into another goonie fan (fanatic) from Canada. We talked with him for a long time. He told us he had started out his goonie adventure at the chamber of commerce, where they had lots of souvenirs. So we headed there. Got stuff for us and the kids. It was so much fun going to the beach. My little 6 pound Maltese did not know what to think.
Especially when she got caught by the tide. We can't wait to go again.

Should have been posting.

It has been a busy several months. I have been so busy. I have been tatting, quilting, taking care of my grandson some, teaching water aerobics and church.

It has been fun watching my little grandson Koa grow. Every month, my husband does his pictures. It is amazing how much they change. He is almost 8 months.