Monday, June 30, 2008

Jack keeping Cool

Well, today has started out hot. It is quite muggy. Jack has decided he likes to be outside more and more on his leash. I decided today I would set up his pool and fill it. Last year he had to be coaxed into it and then he would be in it for a little while. Today he just jumped right in as I was filling it. I actually had to keep getting him out of it, so I could get it placed where I wanted it.

He was so cute playing with his soccer ball, that I decided to video him. HERE IT IS!

Lions and Tigers and Sewing...oh my!

Well it has been a busy week! Hubby was on vacation, but I still managed to get 6 quilts quilted.

Friday we decided to head up to Spokane, and go to Cat Tails. You can see more about it at We had so much fun. Seeing all the large cats and learning their history. They have a lion there that has been in the movies and is now retired there. The people are so friendly. There is a school there and it is a year long. If anyone is interested. I told them I was too old and they said no we have 40 something mother of 2 here. I said well I am a 40 something grandmother. time. They have 4 baby tigers there that are 7 months old. So cute. Here are some pictures.

On Sat we ran around from town to town delivering the quilts I had finished.

On Sunday....our historical society, had their annual Ice Cream Social. It is held at the first house in our Town. It is a lot of fun. Their is a band and singers, old cars, demonstrations, ice cream & homemade pies, etc. Some are dressed in periodic cloths and their is a fashion show. This year our quilt guild decided to participate. We had some red white and blue quilts, some where hand piecing, one was hand quilting, and I brought my treadle down. I was piecing and QOV. We passed out information about the QOV organization. It was a lot of fun. Here are a couple of pictures of us.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Wedding Down

Well I have been busy quilting and getting ready for my nieces wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. It decided to rain during the ceremony. The place it was at had umbrellas. At least it was not a downpour. We had fun with family and and met knew people. I actually got to dance and have fun. My back did not give me one once of trouble. Yahoo!!!!!

Here are pictures of her wedding hanky and card I made her. The edging on the hanky is tatted. Also, I made her a bag for the wedding dance. It is made with satin on the outside and cotton for the lining. I used my embroidery machine to embroider the design and added their initials. I sewed on 164 silver beads. Added 20 crystals. Sewed cording up the 4 seams. I did not have the right size cording for the straps, so took the small cording I used on the seams, with a length silver thread and made a twisted cord, doubling it. It worked perfect.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finished the Tat it and See

Well I finished her. They are so cute. You will have to go to Jane's blog and see all the other finished darlings.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tatting? Knitting? Quilting Yes

Well as usual, I have been busy quilting. My back has been doing great, so I have been able to get a lot finished. The quilt I finished this week was quite the challenge. The blocks where machine embroidered blocks & heirloom sewing technique blocks. It is a wedding quilt. I did not make the quilt, a customer did. I had fun trying to figure out how to quilt each block. Here is a teaser picture. You will have to go to my webshots and see the rest.

Since my back was bad there for awhile, I was reading some books a friend gave me to read. They are murder mysteries with knitting thrown in. Author is Maggie Sefton. Titles "Knit One Kill Two", "A Deadly Yarn" & "Needled to Death". There are patterns and recipes in the book, also. Gave me the knitting bug, and I have been working on a scarf while watching TV.

I have managed to do a little tatting. I am still working on my nieces wedding hanky. I have tatted up some more of the crosses from Patty's book. These will be for giving away.

Also, am working on Jane Eborall's newest Tat it and See. She is on Day 9, I am still working on Day 8. Don't know what it is yet?

I get bored easily so work on many projects at a time.