Friday, February 12, 2016

New Cookware

I have been wanting new cookware for a long time.  Since I have been on the road to healthier things, I have learned how bad the Teflon cookware is.  So I set my sites on Ceramic Cookware.

We purchased T-Fal cookware set and matching Griddle at Macy's closing sale.  Big Mistake.  Not the product, but where we bought it.  Macy's was a rip off.  After we got home and started looking for pieces to go with it, we found we could have purchased this set $50 cheaper at several different places.  Including Macy's online.

As for the cookware....amazing.  Things I learned.  When you first get your cookware, wash, then heat on the stove.  Remove from heat and season the pan (oil it) just like you do with your cast iron cookware.  You have to re-season the pan every 10 washes.  This cookware can also go into the oven.  I have loved how they clean up.  Using the sprayer cleans off everything, no matter what you cooked in the pan.  No scrubbing.

I look forward to purchasing more pieces to join my set.

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