Wednesday, August 10, 2016

As I learn more and us my oils, I want to learn more.  I see the difference they are making in our lives and those of our friends.  I am amazed. 

I have made diffuser necklaces for others and to sell.  I recently found this site that sells these wonderful bracelets.  I think they would be perfect for my grandkids.  Camo of course
WOOCS 1.1.7

They also make wonderful essential oil tags to put on your pets.  Yes, my dogs love the oils also.

My golden is getting older and is crying at times and breathing heavy with pain.  I make and give him Tumeric Paste.  This helps a lot, but on days like today.....calming oils in the diffuser and a raindrop treatment with Young Living essential oils is the trick.  He is sound a sleep and not panting or wimpering.

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