Friday, December 9, 2016

Instant Pot

My new adventure.  For Christmas, we got me an Instant Pot.  I joined a Facebook group called "Instant Pot Community"   On black Friday, the price was too good to pass up.  I kept reading all the posts and getting excited for mine to arrive.

Mine showed up and I had a lot going on, so could not try it out.  Then I got sick.  Still looking at it......husband said lets do the water test.  My mom was doing hers at the same time.  Done.  Did not have ingredients to make something and not feeling up to it.  Mom did in hers and had success.  So jealous. 

Last night I saw were someone had done artichokes.  It reminded me that I had artichokes.  So followed there directions.  Was ok, need to adjust my time.  Thing was I was afraid of the thing.  I kept thinking about Boston, even though they are safe.  I did not stay in the room with it.  The second time, it went better and I was feeling better using it.

I watch all these great meals, cheese cakes, breads, yogurt, Dulce Le Leche, home made vanilla. 

Can't wait till I get to feeling better, so I can get to really using it.

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